What’s Great About Living in Kells?

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Back at the end of May, we posed the question on our Facebook page:

As a resident of Kells, what do you most enjoy about living and working in the town?”

Well, holy moly, we opened the floodgates, but happily most of the comments showed a quiet pride, satisfaction and enjoyment of residents living in the town.

Have a look!

  • Home since β€˜ forever’ Thank you β€˜Kellsβ€™πŸ’•
  • The friendly greeting you get in the shops and off the people in general
  • Living here 11 years and love the people. My son says he is never moving. I Can’t seem to get a job though after all this time!!
  • Everyone is so friendly
  • New swimming pool open today with changing rooms for people with disabilities and wheelchair access into the pool if needed and assistance from staff
  • I love after coming here to live and give our family a better life over 20 years ago they all work in the town, the town has changed over the years definitely for the better it’s a lovely place to live I just wish that a little more care was given to some of the buildings as you drive through the town especially going to Cavan it wouldn’t encourage people to stop if they were driving through the local heroes do an amazing job in the town and the shopkeepers all keep their shops looking well the bright colours of some of the buildings really pop especially the corner were Dunnes is.
  • It’s nice to walk through the town…you miss so much driving
  • I love the social aspect in the town. There’s always something going on or someone to stop and have a quick chat with when out walking.
  • Going home to family and friends.
  • Lovely people and Boys School ❀️
  • Community spirit,…shop keepers knowing our names and having a laugh …no one seems to be rushing around….And the dodging the ticket lady is fun tooπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • It’s just a brilliant place to live work and relax
  • People really nice and town great for nights out and socialising πŸ˜‚
  • Local support group Special Hands for children with additional needs, Book Market cafe food, Headfort hotel entertainment, swimming pool & play ground & horse riding & theatre group for the kids, charity shops for a bargain, Bective restaurant for dinner 😁😊 love watching the amazing shows at Kells theatre put on by the towns local talent 🀩 & of course the wonderful people who live here πŸ€—πŸ€—
  • Chatting to the people I meet and the knitting club on a Friday morning.
  • For sporting people we have 3 adults gaa club’s and 2 under age club’s we have adult and under age soccer club a fine tennis club a pitch and putt club for the golf enthusiasts we 2 of the finest courses in the country not to forget the great fishing along the Blackwater river we have very good entertainment in many off the bars then we have the very fine Headfort hotel and you can enjoy great food in any of the restaurant’s and coffee shops. This is just a sample of the many reasons why you should visit our town.
  • My hometown πŸ’š
  • Parking is so much cheaper than Navan
  • I enjoy the Westway
  • Kells people are great
  • The kind nature of the people of Kells
  • Playing darts every Friday especially when Fergus and Bones looks after the team
  • The roads out of it HA

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