Exciting new development for Kells – the Frontlands.

Have a look at the exciting new proposal for developing the Frontlands – the area between Canon Street and Bective Street.

This ancient area comprises the original location of the Augustinian Abbey of St Mary, the successor to the Columban monastery. When Hugh de Lacy came to Meath he refounded the abbey and richly endowed it with more land. The location of this monastery was probably in an area just outside Cannon Gate referred to in the Down Survey terrier as ‘abbey land’. The monastery was eventually ruined as the result of frontier warfare and at the dissolution in 1539 the church buildings were being used as a granary, although a seventeenth-century survey still referred to the buildings as ‘Abbey without Cannon Gate called Lady Abbey’. There are now no traces of the former abbey; only a public house called Abbey House commemorates it. (source: Irish Historic Towns Atlas published by the Royal Irish Academy)

The development of the Frontlands will bring the ancient town of Kells will bring the area into the modern era.

Detail of proposed development.

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