Kells 2020 Traders

The Kells 2020 Traders group was set up on 2nd February 2019.

Why ?

  • 100 plus traders, whose livelihood is in local and passing trade in the town, and who are rate payers, are not represented by any chambers of commerce and have no voice in what happens in Kells.(the original group from 1955 do not include many of these businesses)These traders need a central point of negotiation with the council, community groups and government authorities to the advantageous maintenance of their businesses.
  • Navan recently received 15 million to enhance their town but Kells received nothing as of yet.  However, the town needs changes towards the allocation of monies especially as this is a heritage town, home of the Book of Kells to which more visitors are arriving and need proper and co-ordinated facilities.

Current Objectives that need addressing:

  • Adequate parking
  • Tour bus bays
  • Toilet facilities
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Marketing to tour bus operators
  • Attracting visitors to the monastic site and central businesses
  • Better marketing for the tourist sites
  • Information as to plans for the town

A presentation on behalf of the Kells 2020 traders will be made at the next month’s municipal council meeting.

Anyone interested in joining can call us on 086 257 5395.

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